KOFIL – AGT/BT antistatic materials

It is well known that in the process of dusting, the normal operation of the filter device results in static electricity and the appearance of high voltages.
At a voltage of 3000 V, a sparks may occur and in the filtration of some materials to an explosion of a mixture of powder and air.
Particularly exposed are materials that require minimal electrostatic energy for the occurrence of an explosion, such as, for example,
– aluminum and metal powders
– powder tablets and a large proportion of pharmaceutical products
– powder of cereals, flour and sugar
– phenolic resins, etc.
The standard filter material has a resistance greater than 10¹²Ω. With the addition of “antistatic” fibers, fabric fabric with an antistatic support fabric reduces the resistance of the material to 10-6Ω Ohm or. to 10⁴Ω or even less.
Advantages of Konex Konus:
– own production of an antistatic support fabric (BT), which is manufactured with a higher proportion of metal fibers compared to other manufacturers, which means that we achieve lower resistance values and, consequently, greater safety for the user.
– similar to the production of antistatic material with the addition of i.e. antistatic fibers. With a controlled proportion of these fibers, we regulate and control the resistance of the material and can be adapted to the requirements of the application, client requirements

Filter bags are consumable, therefore, when selecting material between antistatic and standard material, it is extremely conservative.KOFIL AGT/BT antistatic materials in the standard version or with additional chemical treatment have certificate DEKRA EXAM, giving the user a high level of safety.

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