In accordance with the modern trends of ventilation and air conditioning of various facilities we produce materials and products for air purification. From simple to highly demanding, for various purposes and complexity of use.

Our production covers the field of manufacturing of filter materials from G3 to F9, as well as the production of finished products intended for installation.

Since the product is manufactured entirely by ourselves (from material to filter), we can always select the right material and dimensions and adjust the filter to your needs already at the material production stage.

Filter materials:

  • G2 – G4
  • M5 – M6
  • F7 – F9
  • Filter boards of different sizes
  • Special filter materials with support fabric

Filter items:

  • filter inlets
  • pre filters
  • convectors
  • flat filters
  • cassette-frame filters (metal, plastic or wooden frame)
  • pockets filters (metal, plastic or wooden frame)
  • antistatic cassette and pocket filters ( new… go to present. page )
  • cassette micro pleated filters
  • bag filter with hard pockets
  • separator filters
  • ABS filters
  • HEPA filters

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