Based on 30 years of our own development and production of filter materials we produce for the needs of industry different filter bags and elements.

The filters can be adapted to the requirements of customers and applications, thus optimizing the efficiency of their operation and their service life.

Production of filters for dust and gas filtration: 

– tubular filter bag, straight cut, with metallic ring, spring ring, twine or needle seal
– Flat filter bags, trimmed with a tab, with a string, rubber or needle seal
– filter bag of tubular shape with support rings
– the bags may have a single or double round, oval bottom, curved and bottomed bottom, with various anti-wear reinforcements
– channel filter bag
– star filter bag
– conical filter bags ….
– Daughter

Production of filters for filtration of liquids: 

– filters of different shapes
– a canvas filter
– micron filter bags of woven and non-woven materials, versions and lengths
– cartridge filter
– vacuum canvas
– continuous filters
– tube filters of different microns
Materials and products for the food and pharmaceutical industry are in compliance with the requirements of EU standards 1935/2004 and EU 10/2011.
Materials and products with antistatic properties have the DEKRA-EXAM certificate
Materials and products are regularly controlled in our laboratory as external accredited laboratories.
Our references are the largest Slovenian and European companies in this field.

Production of filters for air purification and air conditioning: 

– filter plate
– filter cartridges
– before the filters
– convectors
– flat filters
– cassette filters (metal, plastic or wooden frame)
– bag filters (metal, plastic or wooden frame)
– cluster microfilters

Other products:

– bags for storing foodstuffs and powders for the food industry
– air conveyor belts -air slide-i … jump to page. ..
– preservative beds
Production of filters is complemented with the supply of belts and conveyor belts. .. . .. (jump to page …)
Belts for the baking industry…( jump to page…)

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