KOFIL PM1 – materials for very fine particles filtration

Unfortunately, the presence of extremely small particles of dust (below PM2.5) in the air is increasing today. The most heavily burdened with these particles is the environment of the steel industry, non-ferrous metals, coal-fired power plants, several types of chemical industry.
In order to protect the environment and human health, it is necessary to prevent the presence of this type of dust in the air as much as possible.
This allows you to use materials from the KOFIL PM1 group. By using fine, very fine and micro fibers , the interspace between individual fibers decreases, and at the same time the filtration medium acquires an extremely large filtration surface.
The materials of the KOFIL – PM1 group are defined as follows:
– a large surface of fibers and the ability to filter very small dust particles
– high filtration efficiency
– low emissions of dust into the clean air
– long material life
– Lower operating system costs

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