Konus Konex produce and sell different articles for household cleaning, car cleaning and professional cleaning.

Cleaning products are available in jumbo rolls and in smaller rolls which are prepared for further cutting and manufacturing; we also offer cleaning cloths cut to desired dimensions as well as a final product i.e. a cloth packed in any packaging, which you only put on the sales shelf.




Tipi Top


Konus Konex as producer of articles for cleaning produces non woven cleaning cloths.

As a producer we are following the needs of costumer and buyers – with buyers we are developing new items of cleaning cloths, as producer we could make cloths in any colour and with different designs printed on cloths. Cleaning cloths are offered in rolls, we could cut the cloths on requested dimension and we could pack them too under buyers private label or our private label Tipi Top.

Our products are cleaning cloths for windows and car, floor cloths and mops, non woven sponge cloths, double face cloths 2 in 1, all purpose cloth and universal cloths.

We are specially focusing in the needs of market and needs of our buyers and following the trends and having in mind ecological of production and products themselves. That is why we are offering also cloths made out of bamboo fibers and cloths made out of post-production waste – so called recycled cloths.



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