Interlinings and Tehnical textile laminates

Zvezda is a specialized company for the production of adhesive and non-adhesive interlinings known under the trademark centelin® for ready-made clothing industry, leather garments industry and shoe industry.


Program for the automotive and airline industry


Program for the
shoe industry


Program for the apparel and protection industry


Laminates and interlinings for upholstery

Program for the automotive and airline industry

Konus Konex d.o.o., business unit Zvezda, is a company specialised for the production of fusible and non-fusible interlinings for automobile industry known under the trademark CENTELIN and for laminates produced by hot melt technology. STARGARD is a trademark for laminates with vapour permeable membranes.

Konus Konex d.o.o. , PE Zvezda is a company specialised for the production of fusible and
non-fusible inter1inings for Automobile industry known under brand mark CENTELIN and
laminates produced by hot melt technology. STARGARD is a brand mark for laminates
compound with vapour permeable membranes.

In our premises we can offer you:

• Production of non-woven materials
• Weaving of different types of fabrics
• Production of knitted materials
• Bleaching
• Dying
• Finishing
• Raising
• Coating with different sorts of thermoplastes ( PES, PA, PUR, EVA, … ) We use special thermoplastes when producing interlinings for automotive industry to avoid fogging effect, which is not desired.
• Tapes cutting
• Lamination of different types of material

Programs for Textiles-car seats , heating seats, Leather seats and laminates with foil :

• Non-woven ( 100-1000 g/m2) fusible and non-fusible types
o PES, PP, FR-PES, Biko-PES, …
• Woven ( 70-250 g/m2 ) fusible and non-fusible type s
o Co, PES-Co, Cv-Co, …
• Knitting ( 40-120 g/m2) fusible and non- fusible types
o PES-Cv, PES-Co, PES, …
• Foam – fusible types
• Finishing-treatment for all programs:
o Flame retardant fusible and non-fusible materials
• According to standards:
• FAR/JAR/CS 25.853
• FMVSS 302
• VDA 277/278
• Two-and mu Iti-layer laminates made of different materials ( foil, membrane, … )
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Articles for automotive industry have to meet rigorous demands required by standards obligatory for particular semi component.
We produce interlining which is used in manufacturing of heating elements in car seats and specially interlinings for leather seats.

In automotive industry a lot of different kinds of laminates (two- and three-layers) have been used. Our new technology Hot melt enable us to produce them.

Program for the shoe industry

This line of non-fusible interlinings is made of different materials (woven, knitted, non-woven) and is of different weights. Woven and non-woven interlinings of this group ensure successful enforcement of very different qualities of leather. Knitted interlinings (sort of tricot) enable forming of the round parts of shoes and especially of boots.

These articles are covered by resin in shape of dot or scattered coating. The difference between these two types of coating is in the volume (range) of covered surface of the fabric by the resin. The advantage of dot coated interlining is pleasant and soft handling, what is especcialy important in case of fusing soft leather. New modern technology (HOT MELT) enables us the production of these new interlinings.

Special property of these thermoplastes is a resin with very low melting point; therefore the fusing of the most sensitive kinds of leather is possible at extremely low temperature.

Generally artikels:Coating with different sorts of thermoplastes(EVA, PA(HotMelt blue dots), PUR, PES, … )

Knitted materials-jersey: from 120 g/m2 to 325 g/m2 raw and colour
Woven materials : from 95 g/m2 to 290 g/m2 raw and colour

Laminates for shoe industry – are mostly used as components of sports footwear. They are produced as two-, three,- or four-layers.

There are used different materials as: knitted goods, non-vowen, foam,… Between above listed materials breathable membrane is laminated as medial layer, which gives to the final product favourable applicable properties. Footwear with such multi-layer laminate built in, is breathable and waterproof.

Program for the apparel and protection industry

This group of non-fusible interlinings provides a wide selection for fixing all materials for outer garments (female and male clothing, jackets, coats etc.). They give the garments different degrees of fullness and softness and a perfect everlasting form. These products are made of light and soft woven materials, and special emphasise is given to the knitted interlinings which are stretchable and therefore able to adapt perfectly to different properties of all clothes.

Technical textile laminates and interlinings for upholstery

Lamination in the furniture industry is primarily used to improve mechanical properties of decorative fabrics, used in the production of upholstered furniture. TheNlamination increase strength and reduce elasticity of the basic decorative fabric. Laminates for upholstery can also consist of different foams and non-woven textiles and are used as intermediate filler. Possible laminate forms are two-layer, three-layer or multi-layerlaminates.
New group of fusible interlinings for upholstery serves to improve mechanical properties of leather in the production of leather sofasandinternalleatherfurniture.

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